We Are Pro-Class

We're committed to changing the traditional ways of sharing knowledge and expertise by creating compelling and snackable video series.

Business Team

Pro-Class is a fusion of creatives and business experts. Hillview Video and Stryvent joined forces to create

Pro-Class. The combination of a video agency that works for A-brands, and a team of forward thinking business experts is what makes us stand out from our competitors.


Our experts have worked on the business side of organizations such as yours, as project-, sales-, marketing-, ... managers and are therefore skilled in understanding the knowledge and expertise that you want to transfer. And with years of experience on the video production side, it goes without saying that the quality is guaranteed.

Meet the Founders

Our founders met each other years ago during their education at a well renowned business school. After years of experience in their respective fields, they saw the need for video based learning and decided to act upon it.

Filip Hellings
Creative Expert

With years of experience as the visual lead at video shoots for brands such as Ecover, AG, Barco, ... Filip watches over the visual quality of each

Pro-Class. Filip is your go-to expert for creative Pro-Classes.

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Sam Conings
MarCom Expert

Sam is our lead expert for all our marketing and communications related projects. He even has his own podcast about it, called "De Marketing Club".

Jeroen De Roeck
Sales & Processes Expert

Jeroen has years of experience as an International Strategic Account Executive for Autodesk. He also has a special interest in the SaaS Industry, Strategy, Innovation and multidisciplinary approaches. 

Lucas Buyse
Business Strategy Expert

Lucas is an expert in all business and strategic related challenges. With years of experience as a consultant for companies in utilities and construction. In our team, he is also known as "the numbers guy".

A Hillview video brand

Pro-Class is a subsidiary of Hillview Video, a production agency with years of experience for A level brands.

Why it's important to be supported by an experienced production agency?

Simply put: great content, but poor presentation (or vice versa), will end up losing you time and money in the long run

Hillview is a registered partner of amongst others:

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