Four steps to a successful Pro-Class

Every organization is unique and so will the content of your Pro-Class be. We will guide you in creating a successful series of masterclass videos for your organization.

In general, we identify four steps towards success:

co-creation, production, promotion and evaluation.


"What would my Pro-Class look like?"

Don't rack your brain over it. Our experts will help you figuring out your ideal learning journey. They will provide you with an estimation of lead time and budget for it.

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Our team will always start with a deep-dive to familiarize themselves with your topics. But in the end, you're the expert on the knowledge and expertise that you want to share, and we are the experts on how to convey it. That is why we'll organize co-creation sessions to compile the bigger picture.


We will record and edit your video and/or audio modules in the most efficient and effective way. The final result will be fully consistent with your brand and compatible with the platforms you selected.


Nothing worse than creating something great, and putting it on a shelf on the attic. That's why we create promotional visuals and videos for you to promote your Pro-Class internally or externally.


How many people finished the course? How well did they understand the message? Where did someone get stuck? With the right metrics, you'll be able to keep track off the success rates and improve the effectiveness of your Pro-Class.