There's a bonus to sharing knowledge effectively:

Pro-Classes will help you
save or make money

Whether you want to have digital learning solutions for internal or external use, we can help you monetize it. It's not just an optimization of time and resources internally, it's also an opportunity to deliver added value externally. 


Curious about the numbers?

Don't rack your brain over it. Our experts will help you with an estimation of cost and revenue.

One-off investment

Once your Pro-Class is created, you won't have to schedule and budget experts, travel time, locations,... any more


Participants can schedule their own

Pro-Class time, so they won't have to cancel or skip on any other important activities.

Continuous quality

Each participant gets all the information presented by the same lecturer, in the same way. Time and time again.

New business offer

You can sell your Pro-Classes to your customers and partners on a subscription fee.